Interested in drawing on glass?

You can use a hand grinder to draw on a glass cup, a stamp stem or a jewelry charm we have prepared in this workshop.

It is very easy and anyone above 7 years old can participate.  You can draw whatever you wish to make the item unique and personalized.


Hand Grinder Workshop

  ※This workshop is available for 7-year-olds or older.

Workshop time
   15 minutes to 1 hour.

Available from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM 
Reservation by e-mail is required

We can take up to 5 people simultaneously. 
Please contact via e-mail if your party is 6 people or more. 

Workshop price

 Glass cup        ¥1080      *Tax included    
 Stamp (Hanko) stem       ¥1510      *Tax included

 Jewelry charm               ¥1510      *Tax included

*All of the above items are prepared in advance at the studio.
*You can take the item with you after you finish. 

Please see our blog for pictures of past workshops.

You can draw anything you like.  If you are not good at drawing, we have some samples of designs for the drawings so please don’t be nervous.

We have various shapes of stamp(hanko) stems.  You can grind the surface of the stamp stem deeply, and make a personalized stamp.  Stamp anything you like and it will come out this way!

You can engrave your name or a drawing you like.

We have various sizes of the jewelry charms.
We will attach string to finish. 
Chain is available for an additional charge.
Jewelry comes with a small colored bag of your choice.

You can also make it into a cell phone strap.

Hand grinder workshop is available at any place of your choice.  If your group is interested, please contact us via e-mail.