Are you interested in making your own glass item out of hot melted glass?



    Items include cups, small dishes, and small vases.

Hand-blown Glass Workshop

Workshop Time
20 minutes

Available from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Reservation by e-mail is required
Advance reservation is preferred so the artists can give the best support. 
We can take up to 10 people breaking into groups.  If 8-10 people, the whole workshop will take about 2 hours. 

Workshop Price
\3,240 per person per item    *Tax included

Items include cups, small dishes, and small vases. 
Any two colors can be selected.
Glass items must sit to cool down for a day.  Please come back to pick them up on the following day, or we can ship them to your address.  *Shipping cost may vary.

Stuff to bring
@@@@Comfortable outfit
  @@  Please beware of open flame.  Wearing high-heeled @@@@@@@shoes or jewelry is not recommended.

Please see our blog for the pictures of the past workshops.  @¨Click




Customized workshops are also available.

Are you interested in making a special item for someone special?We have worked with many unique requests.  If you have an idea, donft hesitate to ask us.Email

Please look at these pictures of past customized items.Click