Hand Grinder Workshop

You can use a hand grinder to draw on a glass cup, a stamp stem or a jewelry charm we have prepared in this workshop.

It is very easy and anyone above 7 years old can participate. You can draw whatever you wish to make the item unique and personalized.

Hand Grinder Workshop

  ※This workshop is available for 7-year-olds or older.

Workshop time
   15 minutes to 1 hour.

Available from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Reservation by e-mail is required
We can take up to 5 people simultaneously.
Please contact via e-mail if your party is 6 people or more.

Workshop price
 Glass cup        ¥1100 *Tax included
 Stamp (Hanko) stem ¥1540 *Tax included
 Jewelry charm   ¥1540 *Tax included

*All of the above items are prepared in advance at the studio.
*You can take the item with you after you finish.

We have various shapes of stamp(hanko) stems. You can grind the surface of the stamp stem deeply, and make a personalized stamp. Stamp anything you like and it will come out this way!

You can engrave your name or a drawing you like.