Handprint/Footprint Workshop

Are you interested in making something special with your children? The handprint and footprint workshop is for children and pets for the most personalized keepsake.

For the handprint and footprint workshop, we use the sand-casting method.
With this process, you will press hand or foot into sand to make a mold, and we will pour hot glass into the mold to cast the shape.

Little children will use clay instead of sand because it is softer. Either way is not hot and very safe.

We will engrave the name and the date to finish.

Handprint and Footprint Workshop

Workshop Time
  10 minutes (it all depends on the mood of the “maker”)

Available from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Reservation by e-mail is required

Workshop price
<Children> ¥4950 per print *Tax included
*This price is for children under 5 years of age.
Please contact via e-mail for children 5 years old or older.

<Pets: only dogs and cats> ¥4950 per print *Tax included
*It may be possible to do both front paws or back paws on one glass if they are small.

Glass items must sit to cool down for a day.
Please come back to pick them up on the following day, or we can ship them to your address. *Shipping cost may vary.

Gift wrapping is available for an additional fee.